Residential Computer Repair

Pc Werx provides fast, onsite services to all residential customers. In most cases, we will have a highly skilled technician at your door the same day the service call is placed, including on call weekends. We will take care of all of your computer repair and service needs in a timely manner. Simply call us to select an appointment time to fit your schedule. We offer same day service.

Our Residential Services Include:

Computer Laptop Repair Hamilton, IT Specialists, readers choice, solutions, fix computers

• Free Diagnostics
• Laptop Repair Hamilton.
• Computer Repair Hamilton.
• Virus removal
• Software & Hardware Installation
• Operating System Upgrades
• Data Backup and Retrieval
• Home Networking, including wireless networking.
• High Speed Internet Connectivity (DSL, Cable & Wireless)

• Custom Built Computers
• Cleaning, Upgrading, Diagnosing, Rebuilding
• Power issues, Locking up, Shutting off, and Overheating
• Remote PC Support
• Digital Security Cameras for your home safety
• Reliable On-Site IT Support!
• Memory cards Thumb Drives
• Full Home Automation Now Available
• And More!

We service all laptop and desktop computer brands including:
Dell – HP – Acer – Compaq – Toshiba – MDG – Fujitsu – IBM – Gateway – Sony – Lenovo – ASUS

No matter what your computer needs are. Let us show you how we can put together a sound solution to fit your budget needs and keep your home computers working for you!

Computer Laptop Repair Hamilton, IT Specialists, readers choice, solutions, fix computers

Virus Removal & Spyware Removal

Is your computer running slow? Freezes up? Are you getting a lot of pop-ups? If so your computer might be infected with viruses or spyware. Viruses & spyware can cause your computer to run slow, freeze up a lot and cause unexpected pop-ups.

Laptop Repair Hamilton

Laptop repair services including hard drive data recovery, Saving all files, Laptop jack repair and much more including laptop over heating issue fix.

Data Transfer

Did you get a new computer or your old one crash? Let us transfer all of your existing data to your new machine. We can move all of your pictures, movies, emails and any other work or school files. It might seem like a chore for you, but for our technician it’s a breeze.

Hardware Replacement & Upgrades

Is you computer out-dated or not working at all. We can upgrade your computer or replace broken parts to get it working again. Don’t spend thousands on a new computer; we can get your old one working like new again. Whether it’s a new hard drive, memory or a new power supply, we can do it all.

Remote PC Support

Don’t want to disconnect all of your cables? Contact a PC Werx technician to setup an immediate appointment to fix your problem remotely using a simple internet application, This will allow us to connect to your PC as if we were sitting in front of it. This of course will not apply to hardware problems or if your PC is unable to access the internet freely.

Software Installation & Upgrades

Do you need new application installed, old software removed or upgraded? We can remove any old software that’s taking up space and resources on you computer. If you have applications that are not working properly we can repair them and make them work again.

Data Recovery from Hard Drives

We can recover data from PC and laptop hard drives. Did you accidentally delete your pictures, songs or presentation you’ve been working on all week? Did your computer crash and you need to recover all the data from the old hard drive and move it to the new one? We can recover lost data from variety of hard drives and put the data on a CD or DVD.

Memory Cards & Thumb Drives

We can also recover data from all types of memory cards used in digital cameras. Did you go on trip, only to find out that you’re unable to view the photos? Not to worry, with years of experience with data recovery we can recover your lost pictures.

Data Backup

Data Backup is probably the one most important part of IT infrastructure. All electronic devices will fail at one point; it’s not a question IF it will fail, but WHEN it will fail. Are you prepared for your computer crashing, and losing all your data? There are dozens of choices out there, let PC Werx solutions pick the right one for your home.

Digital Security Camera Home Security

Is your Home Safe? In today’s society it is important to know about home security and digital security camera. PC Werx will put together a great variety of information combined of the best home security systems, including products, reviews and alarm monitor systems available today.

Home Automation

PC Werx now offers full home automation. Home automation allows you to set up a complete smart home through your smart phone. This will allow you to: • Open Blinds • Turn on Lights • Control Heating & Cooling • Lock & Unlock Doors • Motion Detection • Door & Window Sensors

PC Werx – Residential Laptop Repair, virus removal, computer repair

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